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Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing For Dynamic Clusters In The Cloud With Variable Attributes

Abstract- Cloud computing is an emerging computing premise in which consists of a virtualized pool of highly scalable computing resources and provided as an internetbased computing where many organizations store, reacquire and modify data among cloud users. Major problem in cloud computing is sharing data in a multi-owner manner, while preserving data and identity privacy from an untrusted cloud is still a challenging issue, due to the frequent change of the membership. By leveraging group signature and dynamic broadcast encryption techniques, any cloud user can anonymously share data with others. In this technique data can be uploaded in to the server after the encryption of the content by the secret group key.The main aim is to secure data sharing in dynamic groups, there is no fixed attributes whereas multi-owner attributes is possible. This poses a security challenge to the data stored inside cloud.As the result, the encryption computational cost is reduced; storage overhead and scheme are independent with the number of revoked users with rigorous proof and experiments.