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Minimizing Storage Cost In Cloud Computing Environment

Abstract— Organizations need to handle large amount of data. The increase in data in size and number leads to increase in demand for storage space. To store bulk of data individually is impossible by various organizations. Increase in data growth is forcing organizations to look for new cost effective ways for transferring their data from expensive primary disk. Cloud computing provides a solution for this problem. It is one of the upcoming sectors in the software field. Minimizing the cost of execution and reducing the storage cost is one of the many issues in cloud computing. To resolve such an issue a local optimization strategy is employed. Storing complete set of data in cloud is not a very good approach. It increases the retrieval cost and the storage space allotted by the cloud service provider would not be effectively utilized. Optimization in cost of execution and storage is achieved through a local server. An application, online trade, is utilized to evaluate the performance of the method of local optimization. The local server is used along with cloud server in the application to increase the performance and to reduce the cost of storage. It is found that the local optimization strategy formulated reduces the execution cost and storage space in the cloud computing scenario.