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Design Of QOS Based Price And Time Slot Negotiation Mechanism For Cloud Service Reservations

Abstract— Cloud providers currently charge users for metered usage based on fixed and spot pricing. When making reservations for cloud services in automatic pricing mechanism, consumers and providers need to establish service-level agreements through Price and Time-slot Negotiations. Even though these issues are essential, mechanisms to automate the negotiation of price and time slot for cloud services using Quality of Service (QoS) have not been devised. Also existing PTN mechanisms have dealt with advance reservations considering bandwidth or time constraints and SLA negotiation, to date, there is no service reservation system that considers PTNs with QoS. QoS parameters such as service initiation time, penalty rate ratio is included in the PTN mechanism. The consumer can make multi issue negotiation and the provider offers concession for the requested PTNs to improve the resource utilization and acceptance rate. Another novelty of this work is formulating a novel time-slot utility function that characterizes preferences for different time slots. These ideas are implemented in an agent-based Cloud testbed. Empirical results show that PTN agents reach faster agreements and achieve higher utilities than other related approaches.