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User Friendly Portal To Execute Complex Applications On Hybrid Compute Cloud

Abstract— Cloud is an emerging technology derived from distributed computing of past, which holds grid as its infrastructure. Trust in service delivery through multi-level authentication over the cloud is a tedious task faced by both end users and cloud providers of today. Usage of Public Key Infrastructure PKI and Kerberos authentication are the existing authentication mechanisms in cloud. But when the Service Level Agreement (SLA) could not be matched with the resources in the private cloud, it is necessary to do cloud bursting. Cloud bursting is a challenging issue, since when a job is being migrated from private cloud to public cloud; the heterogeneity with respect to authentication must be masked from the end user. We proposed a multi policy authentication scheme that acts as a delegator in migrating jobs from end user to hybrid cloud by bridging and managing SLA violations. The negotiations made between the delegator and third party authentication service and the complexity involved in multi-level authentication is hidden.