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An Advent Approach Of Tactile Based Entry With Speak Support For Visually Impaired

This real time project that is being developed for theunfortunate people is based on microcontroller programming language. Our keyboard holds resistive touch screen for the input. The entire operation restricts to two modes of operation X and X for both alpha and numeric inputs. It bears special buttons for special purpose like SPACE, DOT, BACK, ENTER and SPEAK. The overall design comprises is limited to only two symbols HASH(#) and CROSS(X). This unique architecture has 17 projections that could make user interact with computer in short span of time and added to that the users have a comfortable starting point for their input.In this hash & cross, the characters are aligned according to the modes of operation i.e. alphabets or numeric/special characters. The blind person is first trained with the easy operational features of the keyboard and then is allowed to enter the text in the computer by sensing the characters present in the hash & cross according to the specifications. This keyboard is interfaced with the computer similar to that of the primary keyboards that are available.