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Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells Based On Ceramic Substrates

In the present world, there is a drastic shift towards the use of effective renewable energy resources. In that view, a shift towards solar power is very essential. The abundance of this energy source and absence of any fossil fuel requirement makes it an attractive option. But the major hindrance comes in the form of production cost and cost of pure silicon, which makes the overall cost of Si- crystal cells very expensive. This creates a major reluctance in the acceptance of this technology. Working on this problem, a very probable solution is a option of preparing solar cells on ceramic abstract. To make introduction of silicon cells easy in commercial process, substrates which can withstand temperatures up to 900°C are preferred. For the production of silicon based tape casting method is being investigated. To increase the density and strength of substrates, Al and Silicon were used as additives. The process of creating ceramic based substrates is discussed in this paper, with an analysis of economical process. To investigate nucleation and layer growth on the ceramic substrates, Liquid Phase Epitaxy has been chosen as the deposition technique.