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Optimization of Organic Zinc (II) Phthalocyanine Transistor and their Characterization

The morphology of thermally evaporated zinc phthalocynine (ZnPc) organic thin films were engineered for obtaining high performance organic thin film transistor (OTFT) by varying substrate temperature and fixed deposition rate 0.1 Å/sec. The present investigation comprises of the studies on the electrical, optical and structural characterizations of ZnPc Powdered samples of spectroscopically pure ZnPc obtained from Sigma Aldrich Chemical Company, USA are used as the source material. Thin films are prepared at a base pressure of 10-6 m. bar using Hind Hivac 12 A4 thermal evaporation plant. Thicknesses of the films are measured using Tolansky’s multiple beam interference technique. The films are annealed in air and vacuum for one hour. Electrical studies are performed using a programmable Keithley electrometer (model No. 617). The effects of air and vacuum annealed samples on the electrical conductivity are also studied. Activation energies are determined. Optical characterizations of the thin films are carried out with different air and vacuum annealing temperatures. Structure of the thin films is studied by X-ray diffractograms (XRD). Surface morphological characterizations of these thin films are done using JEOL JSM 6390 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Keywords - Thin film, Orgnic Field Effect Transistor, Zinc Phthalocyanine, thermal evaporation, Activation energy.