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Diagnosis Of Heart Disease Using Neural Network Approach

Recently, several software tools and various algorithms have been proposed by the researchers for developing effective medical decision support systems. Moreover, new algorithms and new tools are continued to develop and represent day by day. Diagnosing of heart disease is one of the important issue and many researchers investigated to develop intelligent medical decision support systems to improve the ability of the physicians. Such an automated system for medical diagnosis would enhance medical care and reduce costs. However, accurate diagnosis at an early stage followed by proper subsequent treatment can result in significant life saving. Disease diagnosis can be solved by classification which is one the important techniques of Data mining. Neural Network has emerged as an important tool for classification. The advantages of Neural Network helps for efficient classification of given data. This research work is the implementation of heart disease diagnostic system. For diagnosis of heart disease significantly 13 attributes are used in proposed system as per the medical literature.I have employed the Multi-layer Perceptron Neural Network with Back-propagation as the training algorithm. The results thus obtained have illustrated that the designed diagnostic system is capable of predicting the risk level of heart disease effectively. This system acts as promising tool for diagnosis of heart disease.