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Easy and Effective Prevention of Neurocysticercosis

Neurocysticercosis, one among the world’s major reasons of epileptic seizures, with an rough estimate of greater than 50 million persons infected worldwide particularly in India, Mexico, Central and South America, and parts of Africa, and Asia. It is well known fact that the larval stage of the pork tape-worm, Taenia solium, causes the cysticercosis, with humans as hosts after unfortunate ingestion of T. solium eggs, either through improperly cooked flesh or through ingestion of infected raw vegetables, leafy greens and infected fruits. Though lot of research has been going on for the treatment of Neurocysticercosis, the prevention of the same has not been emphasized enough. The prevention can be done by proper and full fledged cooking of Pork, but the same cannot be said about raw vegetable eaters. This paper focuses on the methods of prevention of Neurocysticercosis by developing a harmless ( to humans) chemical solution and Ultrasound device to destroy T.Solium eggs and other bacteria in vegetables before we consume the same. Keywords - Neurocysticercosis, Prevention, vegetarians, raw vegetables.