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Study On Mechanical Strength Of Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Beams

Recently, considering global warming, lack of resources and ecofriendly issues, the use of natural materials has become active in the construction industry. Bamboo has been in wide usage as a vital material for construction due to its low cost, high strength, flexibility, light weight, earthquake resistance, etc. This study explores the feasibility of usage of bamboo as reinforcement in concrete beams for rural construction. The untreated and treated bamboo reinforced concrete beams are casted with different stirrup materials. The shear link materials used were bamboo and Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) rods. Bamboo has been treated with a thin layer of epoxy to the surface followed by a coating of fine sand. Conventional steel reinforced concrete beam is tested for its flexural strength, modulus of elasticity, deflection and crack pattern. Same tests were carried out for the treated and untreated bamboo reinforced beams with TMT rod stirrups and bamboo stirrups. Sand has been replaced by quarry dust as a fine aggregate in concrete due to its inadequacy. Finally the comparison and analysis is carried out for the conventional steel reinforced concrete beam over the treated and untreated bamboo reinforced concrete beams with the help of experimental values obtained.