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Investigation Of Critical Angle Of Seismic Incidence For The Analysis Of Rcc Frames

Structural engineer's greatest challenge in today’s scenario is constructing seismic resistant structure. Uncertainties involved and behaviour studies are vital for all civil engineering structures. The approach to the design of Multi-story building should be based mainly on lateral stability and deformation in static analysis, because as per Bureau of Indian standard actual forces are much higher than design forces during an earthquake. The aim of present study is to investigate the critical angle of seismic incidence for analysis of RCC frames. In this paper 4-story reinforced concrete building with moment resisting frame have been analysed by the equivalent static method of analysis. A set of values from 0 to 90 degrees with an increment of 10 degrees, have been used for angle of excitation of seismic force. Buildings’ columns have been divided into three main categories, including corner, side, and internal columns and column forces have been investigated in all cases. The result shows that column forces exceeds by varying the angle of excitation of seismic force and the value of axial forces may exceed the ordinary cases up to 13 %. The structure gets its maximum value of column forces with a specific angle of excitation of seismic force which is different from column to column.