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Stability Analysis of Mixed Convection-Radiation on Stagnation-Point Flow of Nanofluids over a Shrinking Sheet in a Porous Medium with Heat Generation and Viscous Dissipation

The problem of boundary layer steady stagnation-point flow of nanofluids past shrinking sheet with heat generation and viscous dissipation is studied. The governing system of partial differential equations are transformed into a system of ordinary differential equations using similarity method. The equations are then solved numerically using bvp4c solver in Matlab software. Three types of nanoparticles namely Copper Cu , Titania   TiO2 and Alumina   Al2O3 are considered in this study. It is reveals that dual solutions exist in our observations. Further, we performed a stability analysis to identify which solution is stable between these two. Index Terms - Mixed convection, stagnation-point, nanofluids, dual solutions, stability analysis