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Dynamics of Pectin Degrading Enzymes during Ambient and Refrigerated Storage of Apple (Malus × domesticaBorkh.)

Softening of red delicious apple is of immense importance to postharvest biologists to reduce losses and maintain consumer acceptability during storage. This study was aimed to determine the influence of harvest dates, postharvest treatments and storage conditions on softening behavior of apple. Fruits were studied for firmness (lb/inch2) and pectin methyl esterase activity (methnol eq. μmol/litre/day . Fruits showed significant response to maturity stage, storage conditions and postharvest treatments during storage. Harvest date H2 was found suitable for storage and treatment of apples. Among postharvest treatments, T5 (hydrocooling + CaCl2 + wax) proved superior in retention of textural attributes. Decreased firmness was observed in all treatments and harvest dates during storage, however the decrease was more prominent in ambient than in refrigerated storage. Keywords - Apple, Pectin, Pectin Methyl Esterase, Polygalactouronase, Fruit Firmness