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New Technologies and E-Government in The GCC and UAE

Nowadays initiatives are taken and investments are made in supporting e-government across the world. These initiatives should achieve success to fulfill the outcomes that are desired. The paper investigates two main research questions: why citizens and global government in need of e-government? What are the current uses of e-government is the UAE?. The main objective of the paper is to about new technologies and e-technologies in GCC and UAE. It will discuss and highlight this objective under several headings which are the growth of e-government in UAE and advantages of egovernment in the society. This paper will also outline the need of e-government by the locals and how to make them to trust on the e-government. In the present time, it is one of the biggest challenge is to design solutions for e-government and evaluating initiatives conducted by the government. One of the research finding is , efforts are made in capitalizing the technologies which will help the government to provide services to their citizens. However, the projects of government require improvement and the best solution suggested is the e-government for fast clients online services Keywords- New Technologies, E-Government, Clients, UAE Organizations, Trust Of E- Government