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Expression of Placental Lactogen and Prolactein Related Protein-1 in the Placental Tissues during Gestation in Black Bengal Goat

Placental lactogen, PL and Prolactein Related Protein-1, PRP-1 are newly illustrated proteins synthesized from placenta in both bovine and caprine species having some major effect in gestation and fetal development. As Black Bengal goat (BBG) is the only recognized goat breed of Bangladesh, expression analysis of pregnancy specific genes in this breed is necessary to improve their reproductive efficiency. Aiming this fact, this study was designed to investigate the relative mRNA expression of this two genes (caprine Placental Lactogen, cPL and Prolactein Related Protein-1, PRP-1) in three different categories of caprine placental tissues (placentome, endometrium and fetal membrane) in three different stages of pregnancy (50, 60, 90 days) in Black Bengal goat. Same approach was performed in the same tissues using bovine placental lactogen, bPL which is a bovine specific protein. Analysis of relative mRNA expression of cPL and cPRP-1 in different placental tissue samples indicates their strong expression in placentome and endometrium as early as at 50 days of gestational age with their expression at also 60 or 90 days. Whereas, bPL was not properly expressed in any placental tissues during 50, 60 or 90 days of gestation as bPL is pregnancy specific gene especially in bovine species. This expression analysis indicates that both cPL and cPRP-1 has strong expression in Black Bengal does at as early as 50 days of gestation. So, cPL and cPRP-1 may be used as candidate gene in pregnancy diagnosis in Black Bengal goat. Key words - Black Bengal goat, Caprine Placental lactogen, cPL, Caprine Prolactein Related Protein-1, cPRP-1, endometrium, fetal membrane (FM), placentome