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Chemical Composition of Momordica Charantia Leaves

In this study the nutritional value of Momordica charantia leaf was estimated using standard analytical procedures. The results of the proximate composition (%DW) showed that the leaf contained 15.00±0.50 moisture, 17.93±0.47 ash, 10.25±0.52 protein, 3.03±0.76 Lipid, 25.31±0.32 fiber, 28.52±0.42 carbohydrate and Calorific Value 182.35Kcal/100g. The study detected seventeen amino acids (Ile, leu, lys, met, cys, phe, tyr, thr, val, ala, arg, asp, glu, gly, his, pro and ser) with glu, leu and asp being the predominant amino acids. Ile, leu, and val were also present. The results of the mineral composition per 100g (DW) were as follows: K (1.78cmol/kg), Na (0.94cmol/kg), Ca (0.79cmol/kg), Mg (0.12cmol/kg), P (17.80mg/kg), Fe (7.69mg/kg), Cu (7.57mg/kg), Mn (12.50mg/kg), Zn (13.88mg/kg) and Co (13.46mg/kg). Antinutrient composition of the plant leaf showed the presence of Saponin, Oxalate, Cyanide and Tannin. The leaves show the presence of antioxidant vitamins (vitamin A, C and E). This is an indication that the leaf of Momordica charantia leaves is a potential source of nutrient to man and livestock because of its considerable amount of all the essential food components. Keywords - Momordica charantia, Bitter Melon, Aliero Kebbi State, Nutritional Analysis, Wild Edible Plants.