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A Study on Shisha Smoking Among Basra University Students at Bab-Alzuber Location

Back ground : Shishasmoking has increased worldwide, especially among young people Aims - To assess the habit of shisha smoking among Basrauniversity students ,to assess the knowledge of the students about the harms of smoking and the effects of negative smoking and to assess the possibility to quitting smoking. A cross sectional study designed to study shisha smoking in student Bab Alzuber location in Basra university , the period of data collection from December 2016 to March 2017 Aselected sample of shisha smoking students were chosen for interviewing . self-administered questionnaires was distributed to the student in the library, cafeterias and classes. A 200 students was included in the sample through interviewing them for the purpose of the study . They were of both sex . The enquiry forma included the demographic data for the students , and 2 groups of questions , first group is answered by YES or NO . second group is answered by : DISAGREE , AGREE and STRONGLY AGREE . The Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), Version16 was utilized for the purpose of statistical analysis of the data. The statistical measures was in form of means, frequencies, percentages, and Pearson correlation .Likert Scale has been used for the evaluation scores.Our study showed that , 93 % are males and only 3% are females , 74 % are married and 26% are unmarried, 50 % of the student relate their shisha smoking to their friend , 14.5 % they were part of a family whom used to smoke shisha , while other causes represent 35 % , 25.5 % has started smoking shisha for less than year , 29.5 % between 1 - 2 years , 20.5 % between 2 - 3 years , 24.5 % more than 3 years , 32.5 % of the students consume shisha less than five times per week , 32 % between 5 - 10 times per week , 35.5 % more than 10 times per week , most of the students answer with YES (83 % ) , while only 17 % answer with NO , regarding most shisha consumers are young's, student agree with that shisha smoking is increasing in the community ( 89.5 %) , the scoring of the questionnaire according to the Likert scale . 4.5 % get score 5 and less , 30.5 % get from 6 to 10 , 48 % get score from 11 - 15 and 17% get score from 16-20 , 63 % of the students are strongly agree with that smoking is a bad habit andn23% are agree with that , and 14 % disagree with that .45.5% are of the student had try stopping smoking strongly , 35 % they try to stop smoking while 19.5% are not trying to stop smoking,45.5% are strongly agree with reading the harms of smoking , 28..5% are agree with reading and 26% did not read about the harms of smoking ,42% disagree with that smoking had affect their relatives or friends, 33.5 strongly agree with that 63% of the sample had their parents consume shisha . 71 % had been affected by the harms of smoking, 83% know the side effects of negative smoking ,87 % know that negative smoking made family member more vulnerable to respiratory diseases ,54 % disagree for the members of their family being a smoker ,66.5 % will agree to stop smoking if any help him to stop smoking Our study conclude the following 1- Most of the studied population are males and single 2- friends and family represent the main cause for being shisha consumer 3- 65 % of the consumes had started shisha smoking since two years and the rest had started for more than two years 4- 65% consume shisha smoking less than ten times per week and the rest consume more than ten times per week - 5-83% of the students say that smokers were young 6- 90% of the students say that smoking shisha is increasing in the community.