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A Comparative Study of Methods for Rainfall Trend

The present study is concerned with the changing trend of rainfall of a river basin. This study explores two main categories viz; parametric and non-parametric trends. Parametric trends are analyzed by the graphical procedure and by fitting the line on the data while non-parametric trends are analyzed by Mann-Kendall method and Sen’s Method etc., a detailed classification of trend is also given in this study. More commonly methods have been discussed in detail. A case study of District-Surat (India) is discussed in context with the changing trend of rainfall of the area. Average Precipitation data of 102 years of 36 stations have been used for the trend analysis. Generalized Mat Lab coding is done for the trend analysis and coding is validated using standards. It has been observed that the rainfall trend of Surat district is decreasing. Index Terms - Precipitation, Rainfall Trend Analysis, Surat