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Biomechanical Analysis of Orthodontic Treatment During Incisal Clenching

The objectives of this study was to evaluate the effects of the incisal clenching on the biomechanical analysis of the mini-screw, periodontal ligament, cortical bone, and cancellous bone. From the finite element simulation results, the von Mises stress in the proximal and distal regions of the PDL surrounding both canine teeth larger than 10 KPa, which is the threshold, 4 KPa, for the tooth movement. Furthermore, for the von Mises stress in cortical bone, the major stress occurred in the regions of mandibular condyle and mandibular ramus. In addition, high stress constructed in the region surrounding mini-screw. For the von Mises strain in the cancellous bone, the major strain occurred in the bone surrounding anterior teeth. Keyword -Orthodontic treatment, mini-screw, periodontal ligament, occlusal scheme, finite element analysis.