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The Effect of Anode Catalyst Loading on the Performance of the Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Water Electrolyzers

Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Water Electrolyzer (PEMWE) is one of the most promising devices for highefficiency, ultrahigh purity hydrogen production with low environmental impact. In this research, the Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs) were prepared with IrO2 coated at anode, Pt/C coated at cathode with the membrane thickness of 100μm. The effects of anode catalysts loading on the Oxygen Generation Rate of a PEMWE, especially with current density, life time and temperature have been carried out. All of the experiments were conduct at relatively low temperature (around 20 – 30oC). When the anode catalyst had a loading of 1.3 mg/cm2, the current density decreased from 404 mA/cm2 to 82 mA/cm2 over the duration of approximately 70 hours at the potential of 2.4V.The cell’s current densities of 335 mA/cm2, 394 mA/cm2 and 397 mA/cm2 were achieved at the cell potential of 2.4V, 2.5V and 2.6V respectively. On the other hand, with the change of temperature from 0oC to 80oC, the cell’s highest current density of 398mA/cm2 was recorded at the temperature 71oC and the potential 2V. Keywords - Anode catalyst loading, oxygen generation rate, proton exchange membrane, polymer electrolyte membrane, electrolyzer, current density.