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Type VI Secretion System: A syringe for survival

Bacterial Type VI Secretion Systems (T6SS) have a bacteriophage needle – like structure used to puncture target cells and deliver effectors subverting the outer membranous layer of the target cells. Within ten years since its discovery, the T6SS apparatus has been duly researched and documented. Its core components and effectors have been identified and ascribed specific functions. Utility of the T6SS in pathogenicity and inter-bacterial interactions have been studied great detail. This review covers the milestone discovery of the T6SS apparatus, an overview of its gene locus, proposed structure and core components. We also delve into the utility of T6SS apparatus in bacterial pathogenicity, sustenance, inter-bacterial interactions, communal behavior and bacterial fitness. Index Terms - Bacterial secretion system, bacterial fitness, contact dependent, Hcp, phage-like machinery, VgrG.