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Biological Control of Pests through Paddy Cum Fish (Murrel) Culture in Paddy Field Ecosystem and its Prospectus

Pesticide usage is hazardous to human health. Pesticides will destroy the biodiversity of paddy field ecosystem, which leads to the degradation of soil fertility and yield from the soil. This can be rectified by paddy cum edible fish culture. Channa striatus (murrel) can tolerate high temperature due to the presence of accessory respiratory organs. Channa, being carnivorous found suitable for eradicating pests in paddy fields. The valuable, tasty, rejuvenating, therapeutic and pain reducing flesh of live murrel is available to rural farmers at affordable price. Murrels were found to be biological control agents of pests in the rice fields. Keywords - biological control; Channa striatus; murrel; carnivore; accessory respiratory organs; pesticide; paddy cum fish culture;