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Lubricant Condition Detection in Static Mechanisms

There are number of methods, already developed, used to monitor condition of lubricants in dynamic systems through the detection of the wide spectrum of sound, produced during the movement of mechanical parts. Generated sound includes frequencies that can be detected by human ear. However, these methods are only applicable to moving, i.e. dynamic mechanical systems, and cannot be applied in static mechanical systems. They are designed to remain static, until they are required to respond to an external trigger. These devices do not emit any acoustic signal and that makes it hard to monitor their condition with already developed sound processing methods. Thus, another, ultrasonic inspection approach is proposed to test such mechanisms. This research project review current technologies and introduces new, ultrasonic pulse-echo technique that can be applied in the inspection of lubricant in the static mechanical systems. Using this novel method, ultrasound waves are propagated through a specimen consisted of the high viscosity grease and metal pieces. Different impedances and thickness of the lubricant/grease can be measured and its condition can be monitored. Keywords - Pulse Echo; Wavelet; Fuzzy Logic; Lubricant Conditions