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Cognitive Hypnotherapy Intervention for Test Anxiety

In the present Era, scholastic-accomplishment connects essentially with desirable employment-opportunities and success. So the students are under tremendous pressure to perform academically. Test –Anxiety is most common phenomenon impacting academic-performance. To have an optimum-level of arousal is facilitative of performance but when goes beyond a certain level, it hampers the performance. So when concern with respect to academic-performance goes to the level of manifestation of the symptoms of anxiety, it hampers academic-performance or may also impair day-day functioning. The present paper is a case study, demonstrating the effectiveness of cognitive-behaviour and Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques in managing and treating Test-Anxiety. A teenager suffering from Test-Anxiety is presented in this case study. She was provided with 12 sessions of a Cognitive Hypnotherapy during the time span of 21 weeks. Measurements of Test-Anxiety, Depression, Fear of negative–evaluation, Thought-suppression and Self-esteem were taken pre-treatment, after 7th session and post-treatment. Two follow-up sessions were also conducted after the time gap of three months and six months respectively. Results showed observable difference in all measures throughout treatment except thought-suppression. Keywords - Test –Anxiety, Depression, Fear of Negative Evaluation, Self-esteem, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy