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Power Requirements of Combination Tillage Tool Operating on Two Different Fields

In this study, an experiment tillage tool that combines primary, secondary tillage tools were field tested on two different field sites and mounted on A MASSEY-FERGUSON tractor series 390 4WD to measure the performance of combined tillage tool. The field tests were conducted under three forward speeds (1.89, 2.78, and 5.09 kmh-1) and two rotational speeds of rotary harrow (299 and 526 rpm) with three repetitions. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) of resulted data revealed that increase of the forward speed resulted in increases of torque requirement, PTO power and total power of combined tillage tool. Furthermore, the field sites were significantly different in the total power requirement of combined tillage tool. When average rotor speed increased from 299to 526 rpm, the torque requirement of combined tillage tool decreased by 214.45 down to 185.78 Nm for the field1,and 217.50 down to 181.33 Nm for the field 2. Increase inthe forward speed from 1.89 to 5.09 kmh-1 resulted in increases of the PTO power from 11.22 to 14.85 kW, and the total power from 23.88 to 46.10 kW. Keywords - Combination tillage tool, Torque requirement, PTO power, and Total power