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Present Status of Fisheries Resources, Livelihood Pattern and Coping Strategies of Fisherman of Tanguar Haor

This study is intended to find the present state of fisheries resources and the factors responsible for changing the fishing environment in Tanguarhaor. Also, attempt was made in this paper to know the socio-economic condition of fishermen as well as what are the hurdles facing by Tanguarhaor fishermen and their coping strategies. It is an explanatory type of research and mixed questionnaire (Open ended and close ended) has used as the main data collection instrument for this study. The findings of the study established that the amount of fish production of tanguarhaor is decreasing at an alarming rate as a result of manmade and natural causes like siltation, illegal fishing, using toxic chemical fertilizer and pesticides, natural calamities, etc. The fishing communities are the main players in the fisheries sector. Fishermen of tanguarhaor are mostly poor, landless and neglected in the society and are often deprived of their access of right to fisheries resources due to unclear policies and interventions undertaken by affluent and powerful people. Livelihoods of fishers are also affected by fishing ban or restriction imposed by the government and during lean fishing periods as they do not have any alternate job opportunity. Index Terms - Tanguarhaor, fisheries resources, fishermen, livelihood, socio economic condition, coping strategies of fishermen