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Anti Malnutrion Suplement (Amasent): Prevention and Health Promotion of Malnutrion with Suplement Made from Shrimp Shells for Realizing Indonesian Golden Generation 2045

The expectation of Indonesian Golden Generation 2045 is inversely proportional to Health Research Data in 2013 which shows 37.2% of toddlers in Indonesia still have nutritional problems (malnutrition). This paper describes the potential of AMASENT: Anti Malnutrion Suplement made of shrimp shells used for the growth of children and toddlers’ brain. Based on this literature study results, it is discovered that shrimp shells have good nutrients. They contain 2,204.54 kcal/kg of metabolized energy, 70.50% of digestible crude protein, 39,48% of crude protein, 4.12% of fat, 14.63% of calcium, and 1.75% of phospor and critical amino acids such as 0.86% of methionine, 1.15% of lysine, 0.35% of triptopan, and 66.13% of nitrogen retention. This supplement is made in order to fulfill the nutrients for toddlers without being influenced by economic factors and as a promotive and preventive effort to prevent and resolve malnutrition, so that Indonesian Golden Generations 2045 will be realized. Index Terms - Indonesian Golden Generations, Malnutrition, Shrimp Shells, Supplement