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Electrochemical Corrosion Behavior of Mg-5al-1ti-XZN Alloys

In this study, the effect of addition of Zn element on the electrochemical corrosion resistance of Mg5Al1Ti magnesium alloy produced by conventional casting method was investigated. Master alloy Zn addition is 2% and 4%. The corrosion test was carried out in a 30gr NaCl / l + 10ml HCl / l solution with potentiodynamic polarization measurement methods. Potentiostatic polarization corrosion experiments were performed using a computer controlled Gamry model PC4/300mA potentiostat / galvanostat with DC105 corrosion analysis software. Scanning Electron Microscope, stereo microscope and X-ray diffraction analysis were used for microcharacterization. Corrosion current density and corrosion potential values were measured from the potentiodynamic polarization curves of the investigated alloys. The Mg5Al1Ti master alloy containing 4% Zn element exhibited the lowest current density at 1.55mA/cm2. Keywords: Mg5Al1TiAlloys, ZnAddition, Casting, CorrosionResistance.