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The Transformation of Two-Tier Test into Four-Tier on Atom and Molecule Concepts

This study aims to develop four-tier diagnostic test in diagnosing misconceptions that occurred in the concept of atoms and molecule. This research is a development research using 4D model. This development model consists of 4 stages: 1) Define , 2) Design, 3) Develop, 4) Dissemination. The four-tier diagnostic test is a refinement of a two-tier test consisting only of answers and reasons. Two-tier additions to the four-tier diagnostic tests include a level of confidence that shows accuracy on the choice of answers and reasons.. The subjects of the study were students of Junior High School grade IX who had studied molecular and atomic concepts. The result is format four-tier diagnostic test as transformation from two-tier. The category of students’ conception through four-tier diagnostic Test are scientific knowledge, misconception, and errors. Based on these findings it can be concluded that the developed four-tier diagnostic test is able to identify misconceptions on the concept of molecular atoms and ions. The research will be the references or preliminary research to conduct future research Index Term - Four-tier diagnostic test, Two-tier, Misconception, Concept of Atom and Molecules