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Study Interacting Boson Model Calculations For (_62^154)sm nuclei

In this research, 􀬺􀬶Sm 􀬵􀬹􀬸 had been studied by using the interaction of Boson Model (IBM-1),to determine the low energy levels.(IBMT) program also used to evaluate the reduced transition probability B(E􀬶). Spin and parity had been determined for some energy levels, which were experimentally not exactly determined. We found that the spin and parity of ( 2􀬷 , 􀬾 4􀬷 􀬾 and 6􀬶 , 􀬾 ) with energy levels (1.5400,1.3714 and 1.6606) MeV respectively. Also, we found that the 􀬵􀬹􀬸Sm isotopes belong to rotational of limits SU(3). Index terms- Energy levels, Nuclear structure, interacting boson model and 􀬺􀬶Sm 􀬵􀬹􀬸 .