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Species Diversity and Abundance of Fish in Roseires Reservoir, Blue Nile State of Sudan

Freshwater fish diversity, abundance and the effect of heightening of the Roseires dam were studied from May 2010 to March 2011 in six sampling sites using experimental fishing nets. The present study has shown that Roseires reservoir supported a total of 34 fish species belonging to 13 families. Among the identified fishes, fishes belonging to family Mormyridae were dominant (7 species) followed by Characidae (6 species), Cyprinidae (5 species), Bagridae (4 species), Schilbeidae(3 species) and Cichlidae two species. According to the relative abundance of fish species Synodontis species were dominant (42.43%), followed by Lates niloticus (12.06%) and Oreochromis niloticus (6.17%). The potential of the fisheries in the future reservoir (After heightening of the dam) will depend on the area impounded and its dimensions. Potential is expected to be twice as much as the present estimated in the reservoir. The fish species composition may not be very different from the known present status in the reservoir, as the present survey, recovered similar species composition, since the first impoundment (1966), with only slight changes. Keyword - Roseires Reservoir, Biodiversity, Fish Fauna, Expansion and Heightening.