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Optimal Control for Controlling the Temperature in Tomato Greenhouse based on a Dynamic System

An optimal control to regulate the temperature inside of a greenhouse can be obtained from a mathematical model, where such mathematical model integrates the dynamic model of the crop (tomato crop) and the greenhouse. This paper considers the dynamic model exclusive from northern mountain range of Puebla, Mexico. This means that all parameters were determined from a harvest throughout a period of 80 days in the winter season. The dynamic model considered 5 state variables, three of them are relative from the crop, they are the number of nodes (plant development), the biomass dry canopy, and the biomass dry root. The last 2 variables state are linked to the greenhouse, these are the temperature inside of the greenhouse and the relative humidity. Applying the optimal control theory with a proposal criterion of optimization, admissible trajectories for the variables state were obtained; such trajectories maximize the benefit of the crop, thereby the farmers and harvest improves (benefit) the crop production, and reduce the energy consumption. An algorithm was built, which gives a solution for the optimal control and simulates a harvest throughout a period of 80 days .As well as perform several physical tests, with which it is intended to reach the desired temperature inside the greenhouse and perform the physical implementation. Index Terms - Optimal control, dynamic model, microclimate, performance index.