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Temporal and Spatial Variability of Precipitation in The Magdalena Coastal Zone, Colombian Caribbean

This study concerns the analysis of temporal and spatial variability of precipitation during 1981-2010 from three stations (Guachaca, Buritaca and Airport) in the Magdalena Coastal Zone, Colombian Caribbean. Temporal variability of precipitation was determined by the precipitation classification based on the grounds of annual total precipitation according to the criteria established in the methodologies applied in several studies. This classification is based on the calculation of the percentage of precipitation in a year compared to the standard threshold values in the multi-year period. Results indicated a high temporal and spatial variability of Magdalena Coastal Zone, both wet and dry years within of the studied period. The 2010 recorded the highest precipitation according with the data of the three meteorological stations with a total annual precipitation up 4297,0 mm on Guachaca meteorological station. Keywords- Climate Change, Coastal Zone, Precipitation, Times Series, Variability.