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Influence of Metal Deposition on the Performance of Microbial Fuel Cells Powered by Pure and Mixed Biocatalysts Cultures

The anode performance of microbial fuel cell was enhanced with metal electrodeposition technique to increase its power generation. The modified anodes were investigated against pure and mixed cultures type of biocatalysts in air-cathode microbial fuel cells. The structural properties of the modified anodes were evaluated by SEM, XRD, and FE SEM.Enhanced performance was presented by the modified electrodes as compared to the unmodified electrodes using both cultures. However, mixed culture showed higher power outputs as compared to the pure culture. The maximum power density up to 170 mWm-2 was obtained using mixed culture which was almost 111% higher as compared to unmodified electrodes. The anode modification also assisted in dropping the electron transfer resistance and enhancing the coulombic efficiencies of the MFCs. Keywords - Microbial Fuel Cell; Anode Properties; Metal Electrodeposition; Microorganism Cultures