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Course of Maxillary Artery through Loop of Auriculotemporal Nerve and Deep to Posterior Division of Mandibular Nerve

Maxillary artery is one the important contents of the infratemporal fossa. Mandibular nerve and its branches form a clinically important relation of maxillary artery in this region. Sound knowledge of variations of maxillary artery in is of special importance in oral maxillofacial surgeries, epistaxis management, and intractable neuralgias. In the present case we report a unique variation in the course of the maxillary artery which was not reported in the available literature. During routine dissection in an adult male cadaver on the right side the maxillary artery passed through the loop of the auriculotemporal nerve. Maxillary artery gave its middle meningeal artery as it traversed through the nerve loop. In rest of the course of the artery passed deep to the posterior division of mandibular nerve. The knowledge of these variations is important for surgeons and it would also explain the possible involvement of these variations in etiology of the craniomandibular pain. Keywords - Auriculotemporal Nerve Loop; Maxillary Artery; Mandibular Posterior division