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A Study of Effect of Ear Phone use on Auditory Reaction Time

Background and Aim:-Nowadays there is spurt of new technological interventions. Mobile phone and Ear phone use has been skyrocketed. New technological intervention has useful for ease to carry out our work but overuse is harmful. Auditory Reaction Time is an indicator of central information processing speed and fast coordinated peripheral response. Delay in decision making in such task results in accidents. On the background of this study entitled “Study of Ear Phone use on auditory reaction time” carried out. Methods:-This study was done at reaction time lab in government medical college, Bhavnagar including 96 medical students of both gender after taking Institutional Review Board permission. Mean age of participant is 19 years. Healthy Volunteer participant were recruited according to inclusion and exclusion crieteria. Written informed consent was obtained and demographic data obtain by proforma. Results:-Study found that there is significant increase in auditory reaction time of participants with ear phone use compare to without ear phone use. Regarding gender our study found that there is significant increase (p<0.05) in auditory reaction time of male participant for first auditory stimuli but there is no significant difference (p>0.05) for second and third auditory stimuli this may be due to habituation develop after first auditory stimuli. Conclusion:-Our study concluded that intervention like ear phone increase auditory reaction time of individual so Ear phone act as a distracter. It is harmful in rapid decision making task such as driving. Keywords - Auditory Reaction Time, Ear Phone use, Habituation