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Applications of Biotechnology in Food Industry, Agriculture and Pharmaceutical - A Review

Biotechnology has made many advances in agriculture, pharmaceutical, food production and processing. Biotechnological approaches are available, which may be applied in different food and agriculture sectors. These approaches are gene modification (manipulation) and embryo transfer, altering the genetic material of microbes and enzymes for increasing their efficiency, use of molecular markers, progress of recombinant vaccines and DNA based methods for depiction and diagnosis of diseases, in vitro vegetative propagation and other reproductive technologies in plants and animals. In this way the overall quality, yield and shelf life of food is improved as far as food industry is concerned, the resistance of plants to diseases and their nutritive profile is increased and last but not the least several new drugs are created with low toxicity and high effectiveness at low dosage is increased by altering the strains of several microbes. Keywords - Biotechnological approaches, gene modification, disease resistance, strains