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Use of Spirulina in Probiotic Fermented Milk Products

Recently, fermented milk industry comprehensive probiotic bacteria are a popular and universal issue with trade significance. There are various products are obtainable in public markets. The viability of probiotic bacteria in final product of fermented milk and yogurt products up to the time of utilization is the most important object of search in milk industry. Spirulina is the most vastly famous microalgae utilized for enriching fermented milk products. That incorporation of Spirulina into probiotic fermented products along with promoting viability of probiotic bacteria will grow their functional properties due to their critical nutrient quality which is beheld as “functional food”. Addition of microalgae especially Spirulina into fermented milk for promoting viability of probiotics and impacts on their acidification characteristics is a topic of this discussion. Keywords- Spirulina platensis, Probiotic, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Fermented milk products, functional food.