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Preparation and Properties of Starch Nanocrystals (SNC) using Sulfuric Acid as Acid Hydrolysis of Corn Starch

Starch Nanocrystals have excellent properties as compared with native starch. These properties are required in different applications. In this work, Starch Nanocrystals (SNC) was prepared by acid hydrolysis of native Corn Starch using 1 L of 3.16 M H2SO4 solution and placed at ambient temperature (19-25 oC) for 3 weeks. The FTIR results revealed that of SNC indicated that there are no significant changes in the results before and after acid hydrolysis due to the stable structure of the glucose units. The SEM observing of native starch granules showed spherical and oval morphology and the granular sizes were between 16.04 μm and 4.23 μm. The average size and morphology of SNC were studied using TEM. The morphology of SNC is polygonal structures and the sizes of SNC are measured with the aid of TEM which its size was 25- 62 nm. It is assumed that acid hydrolysis of native starch will help to produce high performance SNC which can be use as reinforced in polymer composites for slow release fertilizes and other industrial applications. Keywords - Acid hydrolysis, Starch, Starch Nanocrystals, Morphology