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An In-Vitro Study to Evaluate the Angiogenic Property of Latex of Jatropha Multifida using Cam Assay- A Pilot Study

Background: Proper and timely wound healing is a vexing problem faced by all clinicians. In majority of patients normal healing establishes tissue integrity quickly and effectively. However at times this healing is delayed and ability to accelerate the wound healing becomes a highly desirable object. In the present era, when forests are thinning and the availability of time tested drugs are diminishing, it is high time to incorporate drugs which are easily available. Jatrophamultifidais a folklore plant, traditionally recognized for its medicinal properties such as haemostatic and as well as for wound healing Hence there is a strong need to provide alternative to classical drugs so, on this view this folklore drug has been selected for the study. Aims: To evaluate the Angiogenic property of latex of JatrophamultifidaLinn. Method(s) / Procedures:TheIn-Vitro study was undertakento evaluate the Angiogenic property of latex of Jatrophamultifida Linn.Eight white leghorn eggs incubated for 4 days at 37 degree Celsius were taken from kudapanakunnu poultry farm, Trivandrum. The Chick ChorioAllantoic Membrane (CAM) Assay was carried out in Department of Biotechnology,University of Kerala,Karyavattom. Results: Latex posessangiogenic property. Conclusion: The above results show angiogenic effect of the latex as different concentration of the sample show more HB concentration when compared to the control. The amount of HB concentration was determined as the measure of vessel density.