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Highly Efficient Adsorption of CO2 and CH4 Gases using Exfoliated Graphite

Exfoliated graphite (EG) has been paying global attention in the last decade because of the growing number of potential applications. Even though, the preparation of EG has several difficulties such as, need more than one chemical compound, consuming more chemical quantity, time and energy, etc. Here, we report a simple low cost one compound based well expanded EG using microwave irradiation technique within one minute. As prepared EG material shows excellent gas adsorption performance. EG shows a maximum CO2 adsorption capacity 10.36 mmol/g at 25 ºC (room temperature) and 20 bar pressure. Also, shows the maximum methane adsorption capacity 7.52 mmol/g at 25 ºC (room temperature) and 30 bar pressure. These values are far better than the recent reports on various adsorbents. All the experiments were repeated a number of times for accuracy of the results. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report on single compound based rapid and efficient synthesis of EG in about one minute with excellent application performance. Keywords - Exfoliated graphite, Adsorption, carbon dioxide, methane, microwave irradiation