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Use of Rapid Controlled Precipitation Test in The Evaluation of Citrus Reticulata Peels Effect on the Inhibition of Scaling

Hard water is water that contains a lot of dissolved salts, especially calcium salts that cause the spontaneous formation of compact and adherent deposits of calcium carbonate. These deposits have adverse technical and economic consequences. Several families of chemical inhibitors have been used for anti-scale control but despite the effectiveness of chemical inhibitors, they are not usable in the case of drinking water treatment because their effects on the health of the consumer and on the environment are insufficient. In order to find inhibitors used for the treatment of natural hard water intended for consumption (drinking water), our study concerns on the one hand the softening of the hard waters of Bounouara (the site of our study) by the use the extract of Citrus Reticulata peel as natural scaling inhibitor and ecological, a bio-food source and inexpensive. On the other hand the valuation of these barks of this citrus fruit which forms 60% of the fruit rejected as waste. Keywords - Hard Water, Deposits, Hardness, Drinking Water, Natural Inhibitor, Chemical Study.