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Effects of Non-Extensive Q-Distributed Electrons on Dust Ion Acoustic Shock Structures in an Unbounded Dusty Plasma with Two Thermal States of Electrons

Properties of dust ion-acoustic (DIA) shock waves in an unmagnetized dusty plasma consisting of inertial ions, nonextensive q-distributed two thermal states electrons, and negatively charged immobile dust are rigorously investigated using reductive perturbation technique. In this present investigation, Burgers equation is derived using ion continuity and momentum equations where two thermal states electrons provide restoring force. The Burgers equation contains a dissipative term arising from (i) the ion kinematic viscosity and (ii) the effects of two thermal states electrons. These two terms, ion kinematic viscosity and the effects of two thermal states electrons, control the dynamics of DIA shock waves. Numerical analysis is represented with figures. It is observed noticeably that the non-extensive electron distribution can significantly change the potential profile and width of shock waves. Finally, the importances of DIA shock waves with two thermal states electrons which are present in different astro-plasma environments are briefly addressed. Keywords - Dusty plasma, Dust ion-acoustic wave, Nonextensive q-distribution, Shock waves.