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A Systematic Study of the Genus Merremiadissecta (jacq.) Hallier Iraq

A critical taxonomic study of the genus Merremiadissecta (Jacq.)Hallier f. in Iraq. The present revision treats with taxonomic determinations based on a phenological characteristics, leaf anatomy, and palynologicalstuded by light microscope and scanning electron microscope, the results showed that climber plant with lobed leaf, cymose flower, and capsule fruit, anatomic study notes Bifacial leaf, paracytic stomata on abaxial and adaxial surface, with cross section of blade and margin, homogeneous cells composed of parenchyma cells in midrib, circular petiole, containing anguler collenchyma with cortex surrounded one central vascular bundle and two lateral bundles, palynology study by light microscope appears pollen grain monad, , radial symmetry and isopolar, tricolporate, medium in size, while the study of the scanning electron microscopy has shown that the surface decoration in a small grid microreticulate. This research could be provided a taxonomical key for Merremiadissecta plant in Iraq. Keywords - Merremiadissecta, Merremia Iraq, SEM systematic study.