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Fit India: Personal Nutritionist & Fitness Application and Device

IoT (Internet of Things) is a technology that has established an interaction between machine to machine communication without the consideration of the wide range of domains, protocols and applications. The IoT technology has enhanced the accuracy and efficiency especially in healthcare. Also,nutrition is one of the major components of a healthy lifestyle. With people becoming more aware about their health, the need for a personalized platform where a person can manage all aspects of his/her health at one place has increased. It is difficult to know the intensity of exercising without knowing what a person consumes and the other way round for a person to remain healthy. A platform which can manage both aspects of health together can provide better results than looking into both of them separately. In this paper we introduce a platform where we monitor consumption as well as calories burnt and provide a nutrition and fitness chart using the data gathered using an android application namely FitIndia app. The proposed system is a nutritionist and fitness application and device that provides health assessment and planning for patients with different dietary and physical restrictions, as well as for healthy individuals. With the use of wearable sensors and smart equipment we are able to monitor the health of an individual. The proposed methodology has increased the efficiency of detection of the correct food item upto 87.9 % on the testing dataset used. Thus. this paper aims to use IoT device in collaboration with the android application to enhance the quality of lifestyle along with technology on a wider platform. Keywords - Fit India, Internet of Things (IOT), Android Studio, Nutrition, Calories, Neural Networks