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The assessment of potential qualitative And quantitative impact risks on drinking water resource of villages at jajrood catchment Area at GIS

The growing trend of development and various human activities lead to various pollutant get into the underground water. The desired physical and chemical quality of water is essential in terms of admissibility for customers, maintain customer health and water supply system. To date, pollution of drinking wells and other underground sources in municipal and industrial wastewater water has been the main problems for underground water resources, causing water quality change in these resources, making them hazardous for drinking. Present study aims at assessing and zoning of different elements at Jajrood catchment area near Pardis city using Arc GIS application. For this purpose, all water sources used in this area to supply drinking water were sampled for water quality parameters. Then, collected data entered in the software environment under descriptive layers and qualitative zoning was performed to produce maps. Maps showed significant procedure for most parameters. Given the widespread use of drinking water in this area and high probability of various drinking-related disease outbreak in this area, this study paves the way for future decisions on how to properly use water in the study area. Keywords - Water Quality, Drinking Water Well, Geographical Information system (GIS), Aquifer, Risks