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Current Issues of The Rozna I Mine Dewatering Due to Its Flooding Process, Czech Republic

This paper describes the current non mining state of the uranium mine Rozna I in the central part of the Czech Republic. The focus is the conception of dewatering 1 200 m deep mine by main pumping stations which are inset with centrifugal pumps and leveling sumps. Mine water is pumped by multi-staged pumping system through discharge lines towards the surface, where the water is further decontaminated. Cascade pumping system is fully automated thanks to programmable automatic machines by the company Siemens with subsequent visualization at the central control center at Rozna I. Current state will be changed depending on reconfiguration of the mine due to partial flooding of the mine. Partial flooding will be done from 12th to 24th level. Second part of this paper describes technical and conceptual proposal for a change of the pumping system and a new way of pumping. Reusing of the pumping units, automatic machines and other appliances from the dismantled main pumping stations is considered. A new submersible pumping station was devised for the R7S shaft, which will be critical for keeping the mine water in the retention space below level 12. Described issues are bound by corresponding legislative of the Czech Republic. To conclude, a situation, which will occur as soon as the mine is fully flooded and the mine complex is completely abandoned, is contemplated. Keywords - Mine Water; Dewatering; Pumping; Flooding; Rozna; Uranium Mine