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Study of Water Management and Developing Strategies Especially for Hilly Terrain in India

Rain carries a large amount of water most of which usually drain out & causes soil erosion, especially in hilly regions. There are many ways to conserve water. Conventionally, rainwater harvesting is practised across the country. Apart from that, the atmosphere has a significant amount of water in the form of fog & mist, which can be utilized. The methodology includes the study of research papers & best practices, that could be incorporated, & with the help of which some suitable models for hilly terrain are proposed. Here we have taken the case of Dehradun. We can see that by resolving one issue we can also resolve other issues, like employment & air-pollution. This could be incorporated into the Smart City mission. Keywords - Air-pollution, conserve water, Dehradun city, employment, fog & mist, hilly terrain, rainwater harvesting, Smart city mission & soil erosion.