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Satisfying Results of Thick Split Thickness Skin Graft in Facial Congenital Melanocytic Nevus: A Case Series

- Background. Congenital melanocytic nevi are uncommon lesions that may cover a large body surface area. Psychological problems may arise because of cosmetic deformity. A thick split-thickness skin graft is a robust reconstruction choice after resection of a large lesion on the face. Case presentation. Three patients came with brownish-black facial lesions since birth. A 4-year-old girl with an extensive lesion of the face measured 14 x 8 cm in size which involved the entire forehead and left upper eyelid, a 19-year-old male with a 7 x 3 cm black colored lesion in the forehead and right upper eyelid, and a 9-year-old boy with 5 x 5 cm lesion in the left upper eyelid. All patients underwent resection and reconstruction with a thick split-thickness skin graft. Conclusion. The thick split-thickness skin graft is a safe technique to manage congenital facial melanocytic nevi with a significant aesthetic result without any observed complication. Keywords - Congenital Facial Melanocytic Nevus; Thick Split-Thickness Skin Graft.