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Clinical Indications of Sarivadyasava: An Experiential and Scientific View

Herbal and herb mineral formulations are popularly used in the management of various disorders by Ayurveda physicians. Formulations like Arjunarishta, Aravindasava, Pushkaramoolasava, Ashokarishta, Kumaryasava, Dashamoolarishta, Abhayarista, and Ashwagandharista are few Ayurveda formulations which contains traces of self generated alcohol . These formulations are palatable and also increase appetite, digestive fire, dipana, pachanaalong with disease specific actions . Because of self generated alcohol content, they can be preserved for prolonged period also. Sarivadyasava is one such preparation which is used in the treatment of various skin disorders and urinary diseases. It is effective in urticaria, eczyma, pityriasusversicolor, scabies, Taeniacruris, Taeniacapitis, Taeniacorporis, furunculosis, UTI, etc. It is having actions like Raktashodhska, sheetavirya, urinary antiseptic, dipana, pachana, and antistress effects. The present paper highlights the clinical indications of Sarivadyasava an experiential and scientific view Keywords - Sarivadyasava , Ayurveda , Raktashodhaka.